Former Faculty:
Dr. Kushal Shah
Research Area: Electromagnetic Fields, Dynamical Systems and Random Processes
Dr. Uday Khankhoje
Research Area: Computational Electromagnetics, Nano-photonics
Dr. Umesh Kumar
Research Area: Choatic Dynamics
Dr. M.Hanmandlu
Research Area: Soft Computing, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Biometrics, Medical Imaging, Surveillance, Intelligent Control
Dr. G.S.Visweswaran
Research Area: CAD of VLSI, Design of Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal VLSI Circuits.
Research Area: Power System Planning, Analysis Stability, Optimization, Control Computational Intelligence Application.
Dr. B.P.Singh
Research Area: Electric Machine Analysis and Design, Control of Drives and Energy Conservation.
Dr. K.R.Rajagopal
Research Area: Research Area: Electrical Machines and Drives, Power Electronics, Switched Reluctance, Stepper and Hysteresis Motors, High Efficiency Induction Motors, FE Analysis and CAD, Magnetic Bearing, Motor Controllers, Electric Vehicles and Domestic Appliances.
Dr. J.K.Chatterjee
Phone :+91 11 2659 1094
Research Area:Electric Machines, Power Electronics and Electric Drives, Applications of DSP and Microcontroller.
Dr. M.Gopal
Phone :+91 11 2659 1067
Research Area: Machine Learning, Soft computing, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Control.
Dr. A.N.Jha
Phone :+91 11 2659 1073
Research Area: Optimal Control, State and Parameter Estimation, Robust Identification.
Dr. S.S.Murthy
Phone :+91 11 2659 1063
Research Area: Electrical Machines, Drives, Power Electronics Applications, Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Conservation and Efficiency.
Dr. S.C.Dutta Roy
Phone :+91 11 2659 1080
Research Area: Passive and Active Network Synthesis, Solid State Circuits, Distribuuted Networks, Digital Signal Processing.
Phone :+91 11 2659 1095
Research Area: Biometrics, Automated defect detection using computer vision, Human computer interaction.
Dr.Nesar Ahmad
Phone :+91 11 2659 1095
Research Area: Control Systems, Microprocessor Applications, Intelligent Control, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks.
Dr.V.C. Prasad
Phone :+91 11 2659 1066
Research Area: Computer Aided Circuit Design, Parallel Computation and Graph Theory.
Dr. Sanjoy Roy
Phone :+91 11 2659 1084
Research Area: Power and Energy Systems, Application of Neural Computation to Power Systems, HVDC and FACTS.
Dr.Naresh Sharma
Phone :+91 11 2659 7248
Research Area: Communications (wireless, wire-line etc.), Physical and MAC Layer Algorithms, Spread Spectrum Systems, Networks (sensor, ad-hoc).
Dr. C. S. Indulkar

Research Area: Power Systems.