Professors :
Dr. R.K.P.Bhatt
Phone :+91 11 2659 1086
Research Area: Adaptive Control, Nonlinear Dynamics, Image Processing.
Dr. (Mrs.) B.Bhaumik
Phone :+91 11 2659 1076
Research Area: Biological Neural Networks, Analog and Mixed Signal VLSI Circuits.
Dr. Bhim Singh
Phone :+91 11 2659 1045
Research Area:Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives, HVDC, FACTS, Power Quality, Renewable Energy, DSP Based Control of Power Converter and Drive.
Dr. (Mrs.)G. Bhuvaneshwari
Phone :+91 11 2659 1092
Research Area: Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives, Power Quality.
Dr. P.R.Bijwe
Phone :+91 11 2659 1046
Research Area:Power System Analysis and Optimization, Distribution Systems Analysis and Optimization.
Dr. (Mrs.) Devi Chadha
Phone :+91 11 2659 1075
Research Area: Optical Communication and Networks, Photonics, Microwaves Devices and Circuits, Electromagnetics.
Dr. M.Hanmandlu
Phone :+91 11 2659 1117
Research Area: Soft Computing, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Biometrics, Medical Imaging, Surveillance, Intelligent Control.
Dr. V.K.Jain
Phone :+91 11 2659 1079
Research Area:Noise Study and Modeling, Digital Communications, Data Communications and Optical Communications and Networks.
Dr. M.Jagadesh Kumar
Phone :+91 11 2659 1085
Research Area: Nanoelectronics, VLSI Device Modeling and Simulation, IC Technology and Power Semiconductor Devices.
Dr. S.D.Joshi
(Head of the Department)
Phone :+91 11 2659 1082
Research Area: Stastistical Signal Processing, Image Processing, Group Theoritical Approach to Signal/Image Processing.
Dr. Jayadeva
Phone :+91 11 2659 1087
Research Area:Machine Learning, Neuromorphic Engineering, VLSI Design, Optimization.
Dr. Indra Narayan Kar
Phone :+91 11 2659 1093
Research Area: Robust Control, Mechatronics, System Identification, Intelligent Control, Non-linear Systems.
Dr. K.R.Rajagopal
Phone :+91 11 2659 6135
Research Area: Electrical Machines and Drives, Power Electronics, Switched Reluctance, Stepper and Hysteresis Motors, High Efficiency Induction Motors, FE Analysis and CAD, Magnetic Bearing, Motor Controllers, Electric Vehicles and Domestic Appliances.
Dr. Ranjan.K.Mallik
Phone :+91 11 2659 1049
Research Area: Communication Theory and Systems, Difference Equations, Linear Algebra.
Dr. Ranjan Bose
Phone :+91 11 2659 1048
Research Area: Wireless Communications, Broadband Wireless Access, Ultra Wideband Communications (UWB), Information Theory and Coding.
Dr. R.K.Patney
Phone :+91 11 2659 1069
Research Area: Digital Signal Processing.
Dr. Santanu Chaudhury
Phone :+91 11 2659 1081
Research Area: Computer Vision, Multimedia Systems, Computational Intelligence.
Dr. Subrat Kar
Phone :+91 11 2659 1088
Research Area: Photonic Switching, Optical Networks, Computer Communication Networks.
Dr. Surendra Prasad
Phone :+91 11 2659 1115
Research Area: Signal Processing and Communication, Speech and Image Processing.
Dr. Vinod Chandra
Phone :+91 11 2659 1044
Research Area: Communication System, Fault Tolerant Computing systems, Optical communication.
Dr. G.S.Visweswaran
Phone :+91 11 2659 1077
Research Area: CAD of VLSI, Design of Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal VLSI Circuits.
Dr. M.Veerachary
Phone :+91 11 2659 6248
Research Area: Power Electronics, High Frequency Switch-Mode Power Conversion, Fuzzy-Neuro controllers for PE systems, DSP based controllers, Object Oriented Modeling of PE systems, Development of MPPT controllers for Space/Photovoltaic sources, Photovoltaic Power Conversion, Intelligent controllers for VRMs, Digital Control Theory and Applications.
Dr. Shankar Prakriya
Phone :+91 11 2659 1050
Research Area: Signal Processing for Communications, Cooperative Links, Cognitive Radio.
Dr. Sukumar Mishra
Phone :+91 11 2659 1074
Research Area: Power System Engineering, Intelligent Techniques for Control of Power System and Power Quality Studies, Renewable Energy.