Sponsored Projects

1. Basabi Bhaumik, "Development of orientation and frequency selectivity in visual cortex(RP01691)", Department of science and technology (DST), Rs 1755840.00

2. Basabi Bhaumik, "Setting up of a DRDO -IITD analog application specific integrated circuit design center(RP00892)", Directorate of training and sponsored research , Rs 3680000.00

3. Basabi Bhaumik, "Neural network based routing (RP00903)", All India council for technical education  , Rs 1000000.00

4. Basabi Bhaumik, "8 Bit 10MS/s pipelined analog to digital converter design(RP01264)",Dept. of defence research & development, Min. of defence, RS 1744550.00

5. Basabi Bhaumik, " Pipelined analog to digital converter design and fabrication (RP00918)", Advanced numerical research and analysis group(ANUR), RS 1265000.00

6.Basabi Bhaumik," Emergence,  Development and stability of orientation maps in the visual  cortex (RP01223)",  Department of science and technology (DST) , Rs 1509648.00

7.Basabi Bhaumik, "Learning material development for graduate level course on electronic devices (Theory)(cw03115)", IIT Delhi, RS 160000.00

8.B.P.Singh, "Design of low cost single phase UPS of 3KVA on line type(CW04408)", Instrumentation limited, Rs 50000.00

9.A.N.Jha, "Modernization of control engineering laboratory(RP01260)", Ministry of human resource development,  Rs 1000000.00

10.Anshul kumar,  "M.Tech program on VDTT(sub project #3)(RP00913)", Temic usha limited (design center), Rs 210000.00

11.Bhim Singh, "Field demonstration unit of a standalone micro hydel power generating system using induction generators and
turbine (RP01396)", Department of science and technology(DST),Rs 900000.00

12. Bhim Singh,  "DSP based controllers for 3 phase induction motor drives (RP01548)" , Ministry of human resource development , Rs 1200000.00

13.Bhim Singh, "Design, development and control of permanent magnet machines (RP00980)   " Department of science and technology(DST) , Rs 3538209.00

14.Bhim Singh, "Testing of PVC cable(CW04467) ", C.P.W.D , Rs 15000.00

15.Bhim Singh, " Testing of PVC cable(CW04452)", C.P.W.D , Rs 10000.00

16.Bhim Singh, "Calibration of kilowatt meter and power factor meter (CW04426) ", Fedders Lloyd. Corporation limited, Rs 20000.00

17.Bhim Singh, " Energy audit of bank of baroda building, New Delhi(CW07046)", Bank of barodaRs 45690.00

18.Bhim Singh, "Energy audit of I.B. buildings at 35 S.P.marg and 7 Man singh road,New Delhi (CW06865)", Intelligence bureau, Rs 138889.00

19.Bhim Singh, "Design and trouble-shooting of circuit of power inverter(CW04147)", Shekar brothers, Rs 30000.00

20.Bhim Singh, "Improvement in distribution system(CW04668) ", Associated switchgears & projects limited, Rs 10000.00

21.Bhim Singh, "performance evaluation of power capacitors(CW03203)",Jyoti electro capacitorsRs 20000.00

22.C.M.Bhatia, "Flexible AC transmission system(RP00965)", Department of science and technology (DST), Rs 1285769.00

23.C.M.Bhatia, "PCL/SLC and PC based intelligent distributed data acquiasation and control for inter disciplanary(RP00891)", All India council for technical education, Rs 1000000.00

24.C.M.Bhatia, "Micro processor based field oriented control of induction motor(RP00708)", Department of science and technology (DST), Rs 326700.00

25.Devi Chadha, "Design and fabrication of integrated optic power splitters/combiners(RP00765)", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 3714500.00

26.G.Bhuvaneswari, "DSP based sensor less controller for SRM(RP01426) ", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 700000.00

27.G.Bhuvaneswari, "Modernization electronic drives lab(RP01442)", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 800000.00

28.G.Bhuvaneswari, "Development of high frequency SMPS power supply(CW05769)",Insta powers limited, Rs 50000.00

29.G.Bhuvaneswari. "Testing of rechargeable emergency flash light(CW5566)", Gillette India ltd     Rs 25000.00

30 G.S. Visweswaran, "Development of WEB based learning material(CW05167)", Project IMPACT SSS(RP01070), Rs 800000.00

31.G.S. Visweswaran, "ADC Design (CW06937)", Natsem India design pvt. ltd. , Rs 240000.00

32.G.S. Visweswaran, "Learning material development for polytechnic course on electronic communication II (Theory + lab) (cw03796)",IIT Delhi, Rs 246000

33.G.S. Visweswaran, "Design of high speed transceiver logic buffer (CW05468)", ST Microelectronics ltd. Rs 163702.00

34.G.S. Visweswaran, "Development of LM Analog integrated circuits (CW05262)", Sponsored research project (RP01104),IIT Delhi, Rs 230000.00

35.G.S. Visweswaran, "Learning material development for graduate level course on Analog  electronics II (Theory+lab)(CW03777)", IIT Delhi, Rs 246000.00

36.G.S. Visweswaran, "M.Tech program on VDTT(sub project #10)(RP01179)", Intel corp.Rs 1123483.00

37.G.S. Visweswaran, "Special manpower development for VLSI design and related software (RP01104)",Department of electronics(GOI), Rs 1823500.00

38.Geetam Tewari, "Comparative analysis of alternate urban layouts :frame work based on simulation(RP00859)", Department of science and technology (DST), Rs 112700.00

39.Geetam Tewari, "Evaluation of capacity augmentation projects of national highways & state highways(CW03853)", Asian institute of transport development, Rs 1355000.00

40.H.M.Gupta, "Telecom equipment package-3 for balance network for power grids diversification into telecommunication (PDT) project(CW06252)", Power grid corporation of India limited, Rs  28571.00

41.H.M.Gupta, "Review of feasibility report (FR) for enterprise wide converged information technology & communication network(cw06253)", Power grid corporation of India limited,Rs 45119.00

42.H.M.Gupta, " Review of Tecnical specifications for establishment of information technology(IT) infrastructure for Gurgaon office complex(cw06214)", Powergrid corporation of India limited, Rs 95230.00

43.H.M.Gupta, "User identity validation in open insecure networked environments through integrated multimedia info(RP00933)", All India council for technical education , Rs 700000.00

44.J.K.Chatterjee, "Application of generalized impedance controller in voltage and frequency control of brush less generator(RP01617)", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 800000.00

45.J.K.Chatterjee, "Modernization of electrical machines, drives and power systems lab(RP01128)", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 800000.00

46.J.K.Chatterjee, "Design evaluation of low voltage high current DC-DC converter fed from variable voltage DC source(CW04925)", Spectra products private limited, Rs 10000.00

47.J.K.Chatterjee, "Development of sutable device to control the power quality parameters to achieve better yarn and fabric quality (CW04920)",Northern India textile research association, Rs 45000.00

48.J.K.Chatterjee, "Evaluation protocol for AES solar inverters (Bidirection) (CW03972)",Advanced elctronic systems, Rs 10000.00

49.Jayadeva, "Modernization of digital electronics lab(RP01440)", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 600000.00

50.Jayadeva, "A study of chaotic systems, synchronized chaos and applications to chaotic encryption and decryption(RP01267)",Ministry of communication & information technology Rs 4540000.00

51.Jayadeva, "Investigation into the compact analog neural network for analog to digital conversion(RP01212)",Indian national science academy,Rs 402500.00

52.K.R.Rajagopal, "Analysis of magnetic circuit of a starter generator used in airborne application(CW06646)", TSL technologies pvt. ltd.,Rs 70000.00

53.K.R.Rajagopal, "Analysis of deflection yoke and exposure on analysis software to engineers(CW05496)",Samtal color limited, Rs 50000.00

54.K.R.Rajagopal, "Design analysis of magnetic circuit of magnetic forcer for precision instrument(CW05296)", ISRO inertial systems unit, Rs 100000.00

55.K.R.Rajagopal, "Analysis and design improvement of motor (CW06274)",LG electronics INC. korea, Rs 947320.00

56.K.R.Rajagopal, "Analysis and design of single phase induction motor of a compressor for improvement in efficiency(CW05461)", LG electronics INC. korea, Rs 521080.00

57.K.R.Rajagopal, "Modeling analysis and optimization of magnetic circuit (CW05996)", Bhabha atomic research center, Rs 600000.00

58.K.R.Rajagopal, "High performance permanent magnet brush less DC motors(RP01616)", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 800000.00

59.K.R.Rajagopal, "Analysis and design improvements of a motor(CW06274)", LG Electronics INC. Korea,  Rs 947320

60.M.Hanmandulu, "Active vision: Tracking, estimation of motion and structure from a sequence of images(RP01004), Department of science and technology (DST) , Rs 1236280.00

61.M.Jagadesh kumar, "Simulation of energetic electron beam interaction with resist on semi conductor substrates using Monte Carlo process and it's application to e-beam lithography (RP01463)",Solid state physics laboratory, Rs 410880.00

62.M.Jagadesh kumar, "Design and fabrication of silicon carbide schottky rectifiers(RP01175)", Directorate of training & sponsored research,Rs 2872000.00

63.M.Jagadesh kumar, "Design and simulation of high electron mobility transistors(RP01217)", Solid state physics laboratory, Rs 690000.00

64.M.Jagadesh kumar, "Design and simulation of SiC bipolar transistors for VLSI and power applications (RP01562)", Department of science and technology (DST), Rs 1629600.00

65.M.L.Kothari, "Investigation on cause of fire to transformer and 11kv VCB panels at M.P. Iron &steel co., Malanpur(CW04992)",R.L.Agarwal and sons, Rs 20000.00

66.M.L.Kothari, " Design approval of advance make pump automation and control package with ATS(CW06150)",Advance energy works, Rs 9523.00

67.M.L.Kothari, "Technical advice on absorption ,adoption and development of technology for microprocessor based systems and power conditioning equipments (CW03481)", Auto meter limited,Rs 250000.00

68.M.L.Kothari, " To investigate the stability of 400/5 A current transformer for measurement of energy in mini steel plant(CW03988)",Usha martin industries limited, Rs 50000.00

69.M.L.Kothari, "Evaluation of contractors(CW05602)",Telemecanique & controls(INDIA) limited,Rs 50000.00

70.M.L.Kothari, "To analyze performance and features of T and D-range contractors manufactured by the
client(CW04956)",Telemecanique & controls(INDIA) limited,Rs 35000.00

71.M.L.Kothari, "Modernization of power system lab(RP01332)", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 1200000.00

72.M.L.Kothari, "Tuning of power system stabilizers(RP00869)",Department of science and technology (DST), Rs 1764589.00

73.M.L.Kothari, "Technical advice on effect of system harmonics on energy metering and billing (CW05735)",Secure meters limited, Rs 20000.00

74.M.L.Kothari, "Scrutiny of project report prepared by BHEL for 21.6 MW gas engine based co-generation plant at AIIMS(CW05815) ", All India institute of medical science , Rs 18900.00

75.M.L.Kothari, " Technical advice on innovative solutions for distribution systems and power quality(cw04653)", Secure meters limited, Rs 50000.00

76.M.L.Kothari, "Technical advice on innovative solutions for protection, power quality and automation of distribution systems(cw04312)", Secure meters limited, Rs 50000.00

77.Mummadi Veerachary, "Modernization of power electronics laboratory(RP01633)", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 1500000.00

78.Mummadi Veerachary, "DSP embedded solutions for high frequency power conversion systems(RP01573)",Department of science and technology (DST), Rs840000.00

79.P.R.Bijwe, "Line impedance calculation(cw04744)", KEC International, Rs 20000.00

80.P.R.Bijwe, "Fault studies(cw06979)", Mitsui & co. limited, Rs 46296.00

81.P.R.Bijwe, "Voltage stability analysis and enhancement(RP01037)",Department of science and technology (DST), Rs 948477.00

82.Ranjan Bose, "Design and development of wireless and mobile communication laboratory (RP01529)", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 800000.00

83.Ranjan Bose, "Secure communications using chaos theory(RP01394)",Department of science and technology (DST), Rs 688800.00

84.R.K.Patney, "Learning material development under project IMPACT-"analog electronics -I(E) (theory +lab)" (cw03811)", IIT Delhi , Rs 246000.00

85.S.D.Joshi. "Development of  tools for characterization and analysis of systems which are invariant to a group of transformation and their applications to sonar signal processing (RP01122)", Naval research board ,Ministry of defence, Rs 1000000.00

86.S.S.Murthy, "Testing evaluation of SIMEX-G generator excitation system(cw05394)", SIEMENS limited, Rs 94400.00

87.S.S.Murthy, "Energy audit (cw05989)", Safdarjung hospital, Rs 60000.00

88.S.S.Murthy, "Energy audit of local head office premises (cw05501)", SBI, Rs 100000.00

89.S.S.Murthy, "Energy audit of Hindustan times press and building(cw05071)", Hindustan times limited, Rs 150000.00

90.S.S.Murthy, "Energy audit(cw06044) ", Hotel Samrat, Rs 26432.00

91.S.S.Murthy, "Testing & evaluation of submersible pump motors(cw05080)", Prakash electrical corporation, Rs 18000.00

92.S.S.Murthy, "Performance evaluation of 3HP/3 phase induction motors(cw05193)", Canadian high commission, Rs 10000.00

93.S.S.Murthy, "Testing of 10 HP induction motor as per IEC/IEEE norms(cw05165)", Crompton greaves, Rs 10000.00

94.S.S.Murthy, "Energy efficiency assessment and improvement of pump motors(cw05103)", Flowmore private limited , Rs 30000.00

95.S.S.Murthy, "Simulation studies on wave diesel system(cw03874)", National institute of ocean technology, Rs 250000.00

96.S.S.Murthy, "Energy audit of electrical system(cw06245)", Metalex pipes limited, Rs19046.00

97.S.S.Murthy, "Energy efficiency assessment and improvement of pump motors", Flowmore private limited , Rs 30000.00

98.S.S.Murthy, "Technical advice and training on energy saving audit data analysis and report generation  (cw05583)",Energy saving co. limited,Rs 23575.00

99.S.S.Murthy, "Technical advice on design of permanent magnet brush less DC motor for strategic applications(cw06102)",Vem technologies private limited,Rs 123799.00

100.S.S.Murthy, "Development of controller for switched reluctance AC drive(cw03217)",Electronics research and development center,Rs 165000.00

101.S.S.Murthy, "Technical evaluation of power generation plant and load system for UPSIDC for its power project at Tronica city Indl. area, GBD.(CW05567)", U.P. State industrial development corporation,Rs 284700.00

102.S.S.Murthy, "Energy quality testing of AC drive system for ABB (cw05118)",Area Brown Boveri limited, Rs 39000.00

103.S.S.Murthy, "Testing of trinic electronic ballast(cw05869)", Sri Sistla enterprises, Rs 10000.00

104.S.S.Murthy, "Energy audit of factory premises(cw05273)", INDO KOPP limited, Rs 15000.00

105.S.S.Murthy, "Electrical system for stand-alone microhydel based power generation using induction generators(RP00755)", Department of science and technology (DST) ,Rs 1996310.00

106.S.S.Murthy, "Stand-alone power generation using biomass energy by employing self-exited induction generator(RP01376)", Ministry of non-conventional energy sources, Rs 984000.00

107.Sanjoy Roy, "Development of wind-diesel system for grid independent power generation (RP01155)", Department of science and technology (DST), Rs 1712577.00

108.Sanjoy Roy, "Development of artificial neural network for performance and outage prediction of thermal power generation units(RP00703)",Department of science and technology (DST),Rs 136505.00

109.Sanjoy Roy, "DSP based real time digital simulator for transient studies on power transmission studies on power transmission lines(RP01022)",All India council for technical education ,Rs 500000.

110.Sanjoy Roy, "Performance prediction for thermal power generating units by neural pattern recognition techniques(RP01454)", Council of scientific &industrial research, Rs 344000.00

111.Sanjoy Roy, "Optimization in design and operation of industrial cogeneration system for desired utilization of surplus industrial energy(RP00865)",Council of scientific &industrial research,Rs 306564.00

112.Santanu Chaudhury, "Making legacy documents available on the web(RP01641)", Media lab AsiaRs 2169000.00

113.Santanu Chaudhury, "E-video :Video information processing with enhanced functionality (RP01683)",Department of science and technology (DST), Rs 1956480.00

114.Santanu Chaudhury, "An agent based framework for distributed multimedia information systems(RP01504)",Department of science and technology (DST), Rs 642000.00

115.Santanu Chaudhury, "Modernization of labs for computer technology program(RP00904)", All India council for technical education ,Rs 1000000.00

116.Santanu Chaudhury, "Generalized object recognition(RP 00712)",:Indian national science academy, Rs150000.00

117.Santanu Chaudhury, "Development of a GIS based intelligent decision support system(RP01159)" , Defence terrain research lab(DTRL), Rs 1350000.00

118.Santanu Chaudhury, "Development of discriminant analysis and fuzzy expert system based avalanche forecasting model for CT-area(RP01400)", Snow and avalanche study establishment(SASE)Rs966000.00

119.Santanu Chaudhury, "An automated gesture based interface for telerobotics application (RP01195)",Naval research board ministry of defence, Rs1480000.00

120.Santanu Chaudhury, "Making legacy documents available on the web(cw06177)", Media lab Asia,Rs 285690.00

121.Santanu Chaudhury, "Learning material development for graduate level course on microprocessor system design (theory + lab) (cw03230)",IIT Delhi, Rs 246000.00

122. Shankar Prakriya, "Modernization  of signal processing facilities in the communications lab (RP01634)", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 1000000.00

123.Subrat Kar , "Design and development of 155/622 Mbps optical transceiver for trunk telephone systems(RP01049)", Department of science and technology,Rs 1368271.00

124.Subrat Kar , "Feasibility analysis of fiber-optic local area network using optical code division multiple access (RP00823)", Department of science and technology, Rs 236153.00

125.Subrat Kar , "Development of an open API signaling system 7 protocol stack (RP01550)", Ministry of human resource development ,Rs 700000

126.Subrat Kar , "Modernization of microprocessor lab for embedded real-time system development for mobile communication (RP01439)", Ministry of human resource development, Rs 800000.00

127.Subrat Kar , "Simulation studies on telecommunication grade semiconductor laser schemes(RP00822)", Council of scientific and industrial research,Rs 346584.00

128.Subrat Kar , "Proposal for extension of the project on implementation of a four user fiber optic local area network based on code division multiple access (RP00957)", Institute for quantum electronics micro and Optel, Rs 216000.00

129.Subrat Kar , "Training courses (cw03774)", SIEMENS limited, Rs 1400.00

130.Subrat Kar , "Design of an OC_12 high speed optical link with tributary multiplexing(RP00886)",    All India council for technical education, Rs 1000000.00   

131.Ranjan Kumar Mallik ," Consultancy in the area of communications (CW05517)", Satyam computer services limited, Rs 56940.00

132.S.N.Gupta , "Evaluation of performance of telephone sets(cw04343)",Bharti telecom,Rs 4000.00

133.S.Jamuar, " Software and hardware for SUPER QUIZ",Synergy communications private limited ,  Rs 10000.00

134.Surinder prasad, "Indoor mobile communication (RP01549)",Ministry of human resource development, Rs 1200000.00

135.Surinder prasad, "Telematics (RP01007)", Ministry of human resource development", Rs4700000.00

136.Surinder prasad, "Nationally coordinated project on telematics (RP01256)", Ministry of human resource development

137.Surinder prasad, "Telematics (RP00890)", All India council for technical education ,Rs 981000.00

138.Surinder prasad, "Development of statistical language model for Indian language technologies (RP01655)", Department of science and technology, Rs498000.00

139.Surinder prasad, "Nationally coordinated project on telematics (RP01134)", Ministry of human resource development

140.Surinder prasad, "Partial band frequency agile jamming & multitone of FH signals (code name HARVEST)(cw03641)",Defence electronics research laboratory,Rs 1200000.00

141.Vinod Chandra, "Design & development of universal fail safe block interface(cw04861)", Chief signal & telecom Engr.,Rs 415000.00

142.Vinod Chandra, " Checking design for fail-safety of LED signal unit (cw05026)", Sanarti international, Rs 150000.00

143.Vinod Chandra, "Reliability improvement of axlecounter and axle counter block system(cw04200) "R.D.S.O.(Railway), Rs 250000.00

144.Vinod Chandra, "Design and development of solid state inter locking system using 2 out of 3 architecture(cw05888)", HBL nife power systems, Rs 700000.00

145.Vinod Chandra, " Safety device for railway signaling (cw03695)",Optel telecommunications limited, Rs 80000.00

146.Vinod Chandra, "Real time fiber optic local area network (RP00803)",Optel telecommunications limited, Rs 7130000.00

147. Sukumar Mishra, "Optimal placing of FACTS devices to reduce inter-area oscillation(RP01661)",  Indian national science academy, Rs 50000.00

148 Sukumar Mishra, "Developing intelligence techniques for power quality improvements (RP01665)", Department of science and technology, Rs 56798.00

149. C.P.Ravikumar,"Development of parallel algorithms(CW05032)",SAG DRDO.Ministry of defecce,   Rs 108000.00

150. Ajay Kumar Pathak, "Development of Dynamic Fusion Techniques for Personal Identification using Multimodal Biometrics (RP01835)," Department of Information Technology,   Rs 41,95536.00

151. Ajay Kumar Pathak, "Personal Authentication using Hand-based Biometrics (RP01876)," Department of Science and Technology,   Rs 19,55,472.00