2023-24, Semester I : PG Admissions


The Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi will conduct a spot round of admissions ON 1st AUGUST 2023, for the vacant seats in the M. Tech programs offered by the department after conclusion of the COAP rounds.

The spot round is open to those candidates who satisfy ALL of the following conditions.
(i) Candidate had made an online application to a M. Tech program offered by department, for Sem I, 2023-24 
(ii) Candidate meet the shortlisting criteria  specified for the program applied for.

(iii) Candidate has registered  in COAP and has not accepted any offer till the date of the spot round.

(iv) Candidate has not opted 'Reject'/'Reject & Wait' for a seat in the said program in any of the COAP rounds.

All candidates eligible for the spot rounds have been sent a mail with relevant details.

If you satisfy the specified criteria and haven't received the said intimation, please contact us before 5:00PM, 26th July 2023 at the mail-id specified in this page.


Provisional Selection List

List of provisionally selected candidates to M.S.(R) program: Click here

List of provisionally selected candidates to Ph.D. program: Click here


Ph.D & M.S.(R) Technical (ONLINE) Interviews Dates:  May 10, 2023 to May 13, 2023

Interviews Schedule for Ph.D & M.S.(R) program

Interviews Schedule for PhD: Click here

Interviews Schedule for M.S.(R): Click here


Interviews Committees for Ph.D & M.S.(R) program

Research Area Panel Chair contact Email-ID
Computer Technology Prof. Saurabh Gandhi
Control Engineering Prof. Shaunak Sen
Commununications and Signal Processing Prof. Vivek Venkataraman
Integrated Electronics, Circuits, and Devices Prof. Abhisek Dixit
Power Electronics, Electrical Machines, and Drives Prof. Soumya S. Nag
Power Systems Prof. Sukumar Mishra


Shortlisting Criteria [Ph.D & M.S.(R)]

Ph.D. shortlisting criteria : Click here

MSR shortlisting criteria : Click here


Interview Committees for M.Tech 3-year (HVA); M.Tech 2-year (IIT Grads & Sponsored) program

Committee Specialiation Interview Dates Chair
Computer Technology (EET) 01-May-2023 Prof. Tapan Gandhi
Control Engineering (EEA) 28-29 April 2023 Prof. Subashish Datta
Communication Engg. (EEE) 28-29 April 2023 Prof. Harshan Jagadeesh
Integrated Electronics and Circuits (EEN) 01 May 2023 Prof. Bhaskar Mitra
Power Electronics, Electrical Machine Drives (EEP) 28-29 April 2023 Prof. Sreyam Sinha
Power Systems (EES) 27-28 April 2023 Prof. A. R. Abhyankar
Opto-Electronics & Optical Communications (JOP) 28-29 April 2023 Prof. Amol Choudhary


Shortlisting Criteria (M.Tech)

M.Tech 3-year (HVA) shortlisting criteria: Click here

M.Tech 2-year Shortlisting criteria : Click here




M.Tech 3-year (HVA); M.Tech 2-year (IIT Grads & Sponsored) program Technical (ONLINE) Interview Dates*:  April 27, 2023 to May 01, 2023

*Candidates shortlisted for M.Tech 2-year program based on GATE score will be offered direct admission through COAP. No interview will be conducted. 

Please note that call letters are not being sent to candidates shortlisted for direct admission to M. Tech 2 year programme through COAP. The candidates would receive their offer letters directly during the COAP rounds.

All candidates are requested to check the shortlisting criteria carefully and in case of any doubt should request a clarification from the EE department office. Any candidate, who has applied for admission and satisfied the relevant shortlisting criteria and is not in receipt of a call letter, is advised to email to the following email ID mentioning the valid application number. In case a candidate who has been called feels he/she may not be satisfying the shortlisting requirements, he/she should contact the office at the earliest.

IMPORTANT: The performance measures (Percentage or CGPA) will be considered only as per the grade sheet provided by the institute/university. No conversion from CGPA to percentage or vice-versa by the candidate or his/her institute will be entertained.


For admission related queries, please contact the EE Department office over e-mail to


Block II, IIT Delhi Main Rd, IIT Campus, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016