Head of Department


B.Tech. IIT Delhi, PhD. IIT Delhi

Email: jayadeva@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591071

Research Areas: Machine Learning, Neuromorphic Engineering, VLSI Design, Optimization.



Shaunak Sen

B.Tech. IIT Kanpur, M.S. Caltech, Ph.D. Caltech

Email: shaunak.sen@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126597329

Research Areas: Control Systems, Dynamical Systems.


Abhijit R. Abhyankar

B. E, Govt. College of Engineering, Pune, M. Tech VNIT, Nagpur, Ph. D., IIT Bombay.

Email: abhyankar@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591095

Research Areas: Power System Analysis and Optimization Power System Security Power Markets Smart Grids Distribution System Analysis and Optimization Power System Flexibility Electricity Regulatory and Policy Matters


S. D. Joshi

B. Tech. BITS Pilani, M. Tech. IIT Delhi , Ph. D. IIT Delhi

Email: sdjoshi@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591082

Research Areas: Statistical Signal Processing, Image Processing, Group Theoretical Approach to Signal/Image Processing.


S. Chaudhury

B.Tech. IIT Kharagpur, Ph.D. IIT Kharagpur

Email: santanuc@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591081

Research Areas: Computer Vision, Multimedia Sytems, Computational Intelligence


Subrat Kar

B.Tech (Hons)Electrical & Electronics Engg. BITS Pilani, Ph.D. (Electrical Communication Engg) IISc Bangalore

Email: subrat@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591088

Research Areas: Photonic Switching, Optical Networks, Optical systems and opto-electronic instrumentation, Embedded Cyber-physical systems, Computer Communication Networks, Telecom Networks and protocols.



B.Tech. IIT Delhi, PhD. IIT Delhi

Email: jayadeva@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591087

Research Areas: Machine Learning, Neuromorphic Engineering, VLSI Design, Optimization.


Ranjan Bose

B.Tech. IIT Kanpur, M.S., Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Email: rbose@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591048

Research Areas: Wireless Communications, Broadband Wireless Access, Ultra-Wideband Communications (UWB), Information Theory and Coding.


R. K. Mallik

Ph.D. University of Southern California

Email: rkmallik@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591049

Research Areas: Communication Theory and Systems, Difference Equations, Linear Algebra.



B.E. Bengal Engineering College, M.Tech. IIT Kanpur, Ph.D. IIT Kanpur

Email: ink@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591093

Research Areas: Nonlinear control and stability analysis, Cyber-physical system, Time-delay system, Application of control theory in the power network and robotics.


M. Veerachary

B. Tech JNTU College of Engineering Anantapur, M. Tech NIT Warangal, Ph.D. University of the Ryukyus Japan

Email: mvchary@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126596248

Research Areas: Power Electronics, High Frequency Switch-Mode Power Conversion, Fuzzy-Neuro controllers for PE systems, DSP based controllers, Object Oriented Modeling of PE systems, Development of MPPT controllers for Space/Photovoltaic sources, Photovoltaic Power Conversion, Intelligent controllers for VRMs, Digital Control Theory and Applications.


Shankar Prakriya

B.E (Hons.) Regional Engineering College Tiruchirapalli, M.A.Sc (Engg.), PhD University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Email: shankar@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591050

Research Areas: 5G communications, Cognitive radio, Energy harvesting, NOMA, interference management


Sukumar Mishra

B. Sc (Engg) Sambalpur University, M. Sc (Engg), R. E. C. Rourkela, Ph. D (Engg), R. E. C. Rourkela

Email: sukumar@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591074

Research Areas: Power System Engineering, Intelligent Techniques for Control of Power System and Power Quality Studies, Renewable Energy.


B. K. Panigrahi

Ph.D. (Sambalpur University).

Email: bkpanigrahi@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591078

Research Areas: Power Quality, FACTS Devices, Power System Protection, AI Application to Power System.


Swades De

B.Tech. Calcutta University, M.Tech IIT Delhi, PhD State University of New York at Buffalo

Email: swadesd@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591042

Research Areas: Wireless communication networks and systems, Energy harvesting sensor networks, Smart grid and IoT communications, Cognitive/white-space access networks, Performance modeling and analysis.


Sumantra Dutta Roy

B.E. NSIT Delhi, M.Tech., Ph.D. IIT Delhi

Email: sumantra@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591084

Research Areas: Computer Vision and Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Music Information Retrieval and Analysis, Biometrics, Bioinformatics


Brejesh Lall

B.E., M.E., Delhi College of Engineering(DU) Delhi, Ph.D. IIT Delhi

Email: brejesh@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591068

Research Areas: Multirate signal processing Molecular communication Underwater Communication Image Processing Computer Vision, IoT


Nilanjan Senroy

B.Sc. (Engg) NIT Jamshedpur, M.Sc., Ph.D. Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA

Email: nsenroy@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126597016

Research Areas: Power system stability and control, Wide area measurement and control, Statistical techniques in power systems, Power quality.


Manav Bhatnagar

B.E. (Electronics) North Maharashtra University Jalgaon, M.Tech. IIT Delhi, Ph.D. UNIK-University Graduate Center, University of Oslo, Norway

Email: manav@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126597251

Research Areas: Signal processing for MIMO systems Cooperative communications Non-coherent communication systems Distributed signal processing for cooperative networks Cognitive networks Multiuser communications Ultrawideband-based communications Free-space optical communication Visible light communication Software defined radio Power line communications Satellite communications Molecular communications


S. Chatterjee

B.Tech. IIT Madras, M.S., Ph.D. Columbia University, New York,

Email: shouri@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591099

Research Areas: Filter Design, Low-Voltage and Low-Power Circuits, Delta-Sigma Modulators, Instrumentation Techniques.


A. R. Abhyankar

B. E, Govt. College of Engineering Pune, M. Tech VNIT Nagpur, Ph. D. IIT Bombay.

Email: abhyankar@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591095

Research Areas: Power System Analysis and Optimization, Power System Security, Power Markets, Smart Grids, Distribution System Analysis and Optimization, Power System Flexibility, Electricity Regulatory and Policy Matters


S. Janardhanan

B. E. University of Madras, M. Tech., Ph.D. IIT Bombay

Email: janas@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591091

Research Areas: Discrete-time systems, Sliding mode control, Robust control.


Anuj Dhawan

B. Tech. IIT Delhi, M.S., Ph.D. North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC, U.S.A.

Email: adhawan@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591080

Research Areas: Plasmonics, Nanophotonics, Integrated nano-scale systems, Optical Sensors: Chip-based and Fiber Optic, Integrated Photonic devices, Computational electromagnetics, Biosensors and Biophotonics, Flexible Electronics, Nanofabrication, Growth and self-assembly of novel optical & electronic materials


Shubhendu Bhasin

B.E. NSIT Delhi, M.S. University of Florida, USA, Ph.D. University of Florida, USA

Email: sbhasin@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591124

Research Areas: Nonlinear and Adaptive Control, Learning-based Control (Reinforcement Learning), Data-driven control, Robotics.


Mukul Sarkar

B.E. Andhra University, M.Sc. University of Technology Aachen, Germany, Ph.D. Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands

Email: msarkar@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591072

Research Areas: Solid State Imaging, CMOS image sensors, Bio-inspired vision systems, Neuromorphic Imaging, Analog/Digital circuit design, Optoelectronics and Photonic.


Saif Khan Mohammed

B.Tech. IIT Delhi, Ph.D. IISc Bangalore

Email: saifkm@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591067

Research Areas: 5G/Beyond-5G Communication Systems, Massive MIMO Systems, Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) Modulation for high mobility scenarios in Beyond-5G Systems


Abhisek Dixit

M.Tech. IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Ph.D. IMEC/K.U.Leuven,

Email: adixit@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591156

Research Areas: Modeling and characterization of Silicon-based qubits and CMOS at cryogenic temperatures for quantum computation, RF-CMOS devices and circuits, Reliability of CMOS and GaN-HEMT devices, Radiation effects in CMOS


Amit Kumar Jain

B.E. G.S.I.T.S., Indore, M.Sc (Engg) I.I.Sc., Bangalore, Ph.D. I.I.Sc., Bangalore

Email: amitjain@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591264

Research Areas: High Performance Electric Motor Drives (BLDC, SM_PMSM, IPM_PMSM, Induction Motor, Wound Rotor Induction Motor), DC Microgrid (DFIG-DC ), Traction Drives for Electric Locomotives, Electric Vehicles (Power Train, Power Converters Etc.), Batteries and BMS for Electric Vehicles, Charging Infrastructure for EVs, Renewable Energy (Wind Energy Harvesting etc. ), Electric Machine Design for EV and Drones


Tapan K. Gandhi

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT, USA Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering), IIT Delhi (Sponsored Candidate, Project Prakash, MIT, USA) M.Tech. (Bio-electronics), Tezpur University, India

Email: tgandhi@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591153

Research Areas: Computational Neuroscience, Neuro-Inspired Engineering, Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Machine Learning, Assistive Technology.


Prof V. Ramgopal Rao

Dr. Ingenieur, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universitaet der Bundeswehr Munich, Germany, 1997. (Doctoral thesis) Post-doctoral Fellow, University of California, Los Angeles, USA (1997-98)

Email: rrao@iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126597367

Research Areas: Nanoelectronics, Technology Aware Design Challenges with Emerging Technologies (Process-Device-Circuit Interactions with Multigate MOSFETs, Polymer Transistors, Molecular Electronics etc.), CMOS Reliability, Bio-MEMS


Prof. M Jagadesh Kumar

PhD, EE, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Email: mamidala@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591085

Research Areas: 1. Nanoscale SOI MOSFETs for CMOS applications 2. Strained Silicon Devices 3. SiC devices 4. SiGe HBTs 5. Power semiconductor devices 6. Metal-Semiconductor devices


Associate Professor

Sumeet Agarwal

B.Tech., Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur. D.Phil., Systems Biology and Physics, University of Oxford.

Email: sumeet@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126596159

Research Areas: Machine Learning Complex Networks Systems Biology Evolution and Evolvability Computational Linguistics Cognitive Science Public Health Informatics


Madhusudan Singh

M. Sc. (5 Year Integrated) Physics IIT Kanpur, M. S. (Electrical Engineering), M. S. (Mathematics), Ph.D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Email: msingh@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591063

Research Areas: Flexible and printable electronics, IR photodetectors, chemical sensors, energy harvesters and storage, optoelectronics, power semiconductor devices and wide-bandgap semiconductors, quantum materials, material design and discovery.


Manan Suri

B.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University, USA, M.Eng., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University, USA , PhD in Nano electronics and Nano Technology, CEA-LETI, France

Email: manansuri@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591146

Research Areas: Non-Volatile Memory Technology, AI Hardware and Applications, Neuromorphic and AI Hardware, Semiconductor Hardware Security, Circuit-Device Interaction.


Anandarup Das

B.Tech. Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST)(formerly BESU/Bengal Engineering College), M.Tech. IIT Delhi, Ph.D. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Email: anandarup@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591269

Research Areas: Power Electronics, High Power multilevel converters, Electric Drives, Modular Converters, Power Quality


Seshan Srirangarajan

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, USA, M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, USA, 2005. B.E., Electronics Engineering, University of Mumbai, India,

Email: seshan@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591107

Research Areas: Positioning in wireless networks, Machine learning, Distributed algorithms, Optimization.


Abhishek Dixit

M.Tech. IIT Delhi, Ph.D. Ghent University, Belgium

Email: abhishek.dixit@iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126596301

Research Areas: Optical communications Optical access networks Optical core networks, Fiber-wireless networks, Radio over fiber networks, Mobile networks, Free space optical communications, Internet of Things, Network security, Design of fail-safe systems for railways, Telecommunications systems and networks, Energy efficiency of telecommunications networks, Signal processing.


Deepak U. Patil

B.Tech. Electrical Engineering, VJTI Mumbai, Ph.D. IIT Bombay,

Email: deepakpatil@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591094

Research Areas: Optimal control theory, Multi-agent systems, Differential games, Switched and hybrid systems.


Lalan Kumar

B.Tech. IIT-BHU Varanasi, Ph.D. IIT Kanpur

Email: lkumar@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126597253

Research Areas: EEG Source Localization, Brain Computer Interface (BCI) for soft-exosuit/exoskeleton and Microphone Array Processing for sound source localization.


Harshan Jagadeesh

B.E.(Electronics and Communication) NIE, Mysore, Ph.D. (ECE), IISc Bangalore.

Email: jharshan@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126597362

Research Areas: Wireless Networks, Coding Theory, Security, Distributed Storage, Information Theory, Communication Theory


Subashish Datta

Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), Mumbai, India. B.E.: Utkal University (OEC), Odisha, India.

Email: subashish@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591077

Research Areas: Linear Control Theory, Robust Control and LMIs, Graph Theoretic Control and Multi-agent Systems.


Amol Choudhary

B.E. Delhi College of Engineering (DCE), M.Sc. University of St. Andrews, UK; Ghent University, Belgium & Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) Belgium, Ph.D. Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), University of Southampton, UK.

Email: achoudhary@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591248

Research Areas: Photonics, Integrated Optics, Microwave Photonics, Optical Communications, Nonlinear Optics, On-chip Lasers, Frequency Combs, Ultrafast Lasers, Photon-phonon Interactions


Tanmoy Chakraborty

B.Tech. West Bengal University of Technology, M.E. Jadavpur University, Ph.D. IIT Kharagpur, Postdoctoral Associate. University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Email: tanchak@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126596102

Research Areas: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Graph Mining


Assistant Professor

Email: bmitra@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126596074

Research Areas: MEMS and Microfabrication, Microfluidics, Plastic MEMS, Microplasmas, Gas Phase Nanofluidics.


Vivek Venkataraman

BTech IIT Delhi, MS & PhD Cornell University

Email: vivekv@iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591150

Research Areas: Nonlinear & quantum optics, fiber & integrated photonics, light-matter interaction & atomic physics, all-optical devices & novel light sources, optical signal processing and communication


Sumit Kumar Pramanick

Ph.D. IISc Bangalore

Email: spramanick@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591073

Research Areas: High-frequency link converters, Multilevel converters for machine drives, Grid-connected converters, HVDC circuit breakers


Prof. Soumya Shubhra Nag

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur, M.Tech., Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur, B.E.E., Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Email: ssnag@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591090

Research Areas: Power Electronics for transportation electrification, Renewable energy systems, DC distribution system, Marine ship and aircraft power supply, Power Electronics Converters, mainly DC-DC converters, high gain inverters, Impedance source converters.


Arpan Chattopadhyay

B.E. Jadavpur University Kolkata, M.E. IISc Bangalore, Ph.D. IISc Bangalore

Email: arpanc@iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591137

Research Areas: IoT, Cyber-physical systems, Next-generation wireless communication and networking, Machine learning, Reinforcement learning, Radar, Statistical signal processing.


Dhiman Mallick

PhD - Tyndall National Institute, Ireland, M.Tech & B.Tech - Radio Physics & Electronics, Calcutta University

Email: dhiman.mallick@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591102

Research Areas: Research Areas: MEMS, NEMS, Sensors, Energy Harvesting, Micro-magnetic Devices, Nonlinearity at micro/nano-scale.


Ankesh Jain

Ph. D. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Email: ankesh@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126598705

Research Areas: Analog and Mixed signal circuit design, Data Converters (ADC and DAC), Phase locked loop (PLL) and Clock synthesizers, High speed circuit design, Low voltage circuit design


Rakesh K. Palani

Ph.d. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, M.Sc, Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore B.Tech, National Institute of Technology,Kurukshetra

Email: rakesh@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126597951

Research Areas: Research Interests: Analog/RF Mixed Signal Design, Data Converters, Low power Circuits, Frequency Reference circuits.


Sandeep Kumar

Ph.D and M.Tech (Electrical Engineering IIT Kanpur), B. Tech (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering),

Email: ksandeep@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126598734

Research Areas: Optimization, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Graphical Models.


Soutik Betal

Ph.D. University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas, USA

Email: soutik@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126598543

Research Areas: Nanorobotics, Electromagnetic Medical Devices and Implants, Nanofabrication, MEMS, Terahertz devices, Electronic devices and sensors.


Prof. Mustafijur Rahman

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Twin Citites, USA, M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Twin Citites, USA, B.Tech., Electronics & Communication Engineering, NIT Silchar, India

Email: mustafijur@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126548541

Research Areas: CMOS analog/RF/mm-wave integrated circuits & systems, Transmitters, Receivers, Phase Locked Loops, CMOS cryogenic integrated circuits & systems for quantum computers


Saurabh Gandhi

B. Tech. (Engineering physics from IIT Bombay) and PhD (biophysics from MIT)

Email: gsaurabhr@iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591071

Research Areas: computational neuroscience, machine learning, biosignals, complex dynamical systems


Gourab Ghatak

Ph.D,, Telecom ParisTech, France

Email: gghatak@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126548429

Research Areas: Stochastic Geometry, 5Gb/6G Communications, Reinforcement Learning, ML for Wireless Communications, and ML for Quantitative Trading.


Sreyam Sinha

PhD Cornell University, MS University of Colorado Boulder, BTech IIT Kharagpur

Email: sreyamsinha@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591096

Research Areas: High-Frequency Switched-Mode Power Converters, Wireless Power Transfer, Electric Vehicles, Resonant Converters


Santanu Manna

BSc in Physics (Univ. Calcutta); MSc in Physics (IIT KGP); PhD in Physics on Gr. IV Semiconductor Devices (IIT KGP); Postdoc in (i) Univ. Trento, Italy (ii) Northwestern University, USA and (iii) Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Email: mannasan@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591029

Research Areas: 1. Design/Simulation of semiconductor devices (Laser, Quantum emitter, etc.) 2. Molecular Beam Epitaxy growth 3. Cleanroom fabrication 4. Optoelectronic measurements of Gr. IV & III-V (GaAs, InP) based devices: (i) solid-state QD-based single/entangled photon emitter and (ii) Mid-infrared Quantum cascade laser-based THz emitter/frequency comb 5. Nonlinear optical properties of SiGe QDs.


Ankit Singhal

Ph.D. Iowa State University, B.Tech. IIT Delhi

Email: sankit@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591151

Research Areas: Distributed Energy Resources (EVs, Solar PVs, Storage) integration into Power Systems; Distribution systems and microgrids; Transmission-Distribution co-simulation; TSO-DSO coordination; Power systems simulation, optimization, and controls


Yashasvi Bansal

Postdoc IIT Kanpur, Ph.D. IIT Ropar, M.E. (Gold Medalist, Power Systems), B.Tech. (Hons., Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Email: yashasvi@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591044

Research Areas: Synchrophasor technology and its applications, Microgrid protection, Power system optimization, Islanding detection, Reconfiguration, Smart home energy management, Cyber-security, Power system resiliency, and Reliability.


Priyank Srivastava

B.Tech. NIT Kurukshetra, M.Tech. IIT Delhi, Ph.D. UCSD, Postdoc. MIT

Email: psrivast@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591046

Research Areas: Dynamical systems and control, Network optimization, Distributed algorithms


Visiting Professor

V. K. Jain

M.Sc.(Tech.) in Electronics B.I.T.S. Pilani, Ph. D. IIT Delhi

Email: vkjain@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591079

Research Areas: Noise Study and Modeling, Digital Communications, Data Communications, Optical communications and Networks.


Emeritus Professor

Bhim Singh

B.E. (Electrical). University of Roorkee, M.Tech. IIT Delhi, Ph.D. IIT Delhi

Email: bsingh@ee.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 01126591071

Research Areas: Solar PV grid interface systems, microgrids, power quality monitoring, and mitigation, solar PV water pumping systems, improved power quality AC-DC converters, power electronics, electrical machines, drives, flexible alternating transmission systems, and high voltage direct current systems.


Post Doctoctoral Fellows

Block II, IIT Delhi Main Rd, IIT Campus, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016