EEN | Master of Technology in Integrated Electronics and Circuits
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Major Project Part-I (Integrated Electronic Circuits)
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Micro and Nanoelectronics
Technology basics and digital logic families such as static CMOS, pass transistor, transmission gate, dynamic and domino logic. Advanced sequential logic elements with latch-based design and timing and clocking concepts. Power and delay of digital circuits. Physical and logical synthesis for ASICs and FPGAs. Verilog and VHDL with design examples. Design for testability with fault models.
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MOS VLSI design
Digital integrated circuit design perspective. Basic static and dynamic MOS logic families. Sequential Circuits. Power dissipation and delay in circuits. Arithmetic Building blocks, ALU. Timing Issues in synchronous design. Interconnect Parasitics.
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Analog Integrated Circuits
Introduction to MOSFETs, Single stage amplifiers, Biasing circuits, Voltage and Current reference circuits, Feedback analysis, Multistage amplifiers, Mismatch and noise analysis, Differential amplifiers, High speed and low noise amplifiers, Output stage amplifiers, Oscillators.
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IEC Laboratory-I
Introduction to Cadence, Learning Cadence design framework and Virtuoso environment, Design with Virtuoso schematic editor, Layouts, Learning and applying Synopsys and Xilinx tools, Circuit simulation and SPICE.
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Advanced Topics in Embedded Computing
Embedded Platforms, Embedded processor architectures, System initialization, Embedded operating systems (linux) , DSP and graphics acceleration, Interfaces, Device Drivers, Network, Security, Debug support, Performance tuning. The course would involve substantial programming assignments on embedded platforms.
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Major Project Part-II
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Micro and Nano Photonics
Ray Optics; Wave Optics: Plane Waves, Spherical Waves, Interference, Diffraction; Paraxial Waves; Beam Optics; Fabry Perot Cavity; Microresonators - Ring Resonators, Disc Resonators; Review of Electromagnetic (EM) Theory; Boundary Conditions; and some relevant EM problems; FDTD and FEM modeling; Fundamentals of Plasmonics - Surface Plasmon Resonance, Dispersion relation, Plasmon coupling conditions, Plasmonic gratings, Models describing the refractive index of metals; Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance; Plasmonic Sensors and Devices; Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering; Plasmonic waveguides and Interconnects; Photonic Crystals and Devices.
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Compact Modeling of Semiconductor Devices
Introduction to AMS enablement and PDK elements, Basics of semiconductor devices, Device modeling tools-TCAD and SPICE, Diode modeling, Resistor modeling, FEOL capacitor modeling, Advanced CMOS Technology, MOS transistor modeling, modeling of process variations, Mismatch and corners.
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Semiconductor Memory Design
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Computer Architecture
Instruction set design, pipelining, memory hierarchy design, parallelism in various forms, warehouse scale computers, specific topics such as Vector, SIMD, GPU architectures, Embedded Systems, VLIW, EPIC, Multi-core architectures.
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Introduction to Machine Learning
Introduction to Machine intelligence and learning; linear learning models; Artificial Neural Networks: Single Layer Networks, LTUs, Capacity of a Single Layer LTU, Nonlinear Dichotomies, Multilayer Networks, Growth networks, Backpropagation and some variants; Support Vector Machines: Origin, Formulation of the L1 norm SVM, Solution methods (SMO, etc.), L2 norm SVM, Regression, Variants of the SVM; Complexity: Origin, Notion of the VC dimension, Derivation for an LTU, PAC learning, bounds, VC dimension for SVMS, Learning low complexity machines - Structural Risk Minimisation; Unsupervised learning: PCA, KPCA; Clustering: Origin, Exposition with some selected methods; Feature Selection: Origin, Filter and Wrapper methods, State of the art - FCBF, Relief, etc; Semi-supervised learning: introduction; Assignments/Short project on these topics.
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Embedded Systems and Applications
Introduction to embedded system. Architectural Issues: CISC, RISC, DSP Architectures.|Component Interfacing, Software for Embedded Systems : Program Design and Optimisation techniques, O.S for Embedded Systems, Real-time Issues. Designing Embedded Systems : Design Issues, Hardware- Software Co-design, Use of UML. Embedded Control Applications, Networked Embedded Systems : Distributed Embedded Architectures, Protocol Design issues, wireless network. Embedded Multimedia and Telecommunication Applications: Digital Camera, Digital TV, Set-top Box, Voice and Video telephony.
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Selected Topics in IEC-I
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Selected Topics in IEC-II
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Special Module in Scientific Writing for Research
Tools needed for scientific writing, ethics of publication, plagiarism, attribution, copyrights, writing impactful papers, writing theses, writing a technical disclosure or patent.
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