EEP | Master of Technology in Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives
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Major Project Part-I
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Modelling of Electrical Machines
Review of dynamic Modeling of systems, Basic concepts of electromechanical energy conversion, Modeling of Transformer, Generalized Theory of Electrical machines, Modeling of DC Machine, Induction Machine, Wound Field Synchronous machine, and special machines such as BLDC, PMSM etc.
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Power Electronic Converters
Introduction to various power switching devices and their control, introducing various power electronic circuits for realization of AC-DC, AC-AC, DC-AC, DC-DC conversion, principle of operation, and analysis, pulse-width modulation and pulse frequency control of power electronic converters, design problems on power electronic converter systems.
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Major Project Part-II
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Linear Systems Theory
Review of matrix algebra, state variable modelling of continuous and discrete time systems, linearization of state equations, solution of state equations of linear time-invariant and timevarying systems, Controllability and observability of dynamical systems, Minimal realization of linear systems and canonical forms, Liapunovs stability theory for linear dynamical systems, State Feedback controllers, Observer and Controller design.
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Optmization for Electrical Engineers
Convex analysis, Special convex optimization problems, convex optimization theory, Linear programming, unconstrained convex programming, Non-smooth convex optimization, contrained convex optimization, Structural optimization, online convex optimization, stochastic gradient descent, non-convex optimization.
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Electric Vehicles
Fundamental issues related to electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs); Various brushless motors such as PMSM, PMBLDCM, SRM, synchronous reluctance motor, induction motor for EVs. Various types of chargers and energy management strategies. Analysis and simulation of EV systems. Various design and control aspects of electric drives and chargers for EVs and HEVs.
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Embedded Systems and Applications
Introduction to embedded system. Architectural Issues: CISC, RISC, DSP Architectures.|Component Interfacing, Software for Embedded Systems : Program Design and Optimisation techniques, O.S for Embedded Systems, Real-time Issues. Designing Embedded Systems : Design Issues, Hardware- Software Co-design, Use of UML. Embedded Control Applications, Networked Embedded Systems : Distributed Embedded Architectures, Protocol Design issues, wireless network. Embedded Multimedia and Telecommunication Applications: Digital Camera, Digital TV, Set-top Box, Voice and Video telephony.
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Selected Topics in Power Electronics
Recent developments in power electronics.
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