EES | Master of Technology in Power Systems
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Advanced Power System Protection
Fundamentals of protection, generator protection, transformer protection, bus bar protection, over current and differential protection. Out of step protection, blinder design. Static relays, Numerical relay. Wide area protection.
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Power System Dynamics
Dynamic models of synchronous machines, excitation system, turbines, governors, loads. Modelling of single-machine-infinite bus system. Mathematical modelling of multimachine system. Dynamic and transient stability analysis of single machine and multi-machine systems. Power system stabilizer design for multimachine systems. Dynamic equivalencing. Voltage stability Techniques for the improvement of stability. Direct method of transient stability analysis: Transient energy function approach.
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Power System Lab-I
Power flow studies, fault studies, state estimation, security analysis, robust power flow methods, power flow with uncertain data.
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Major Project Part-II
To be decided by the project supervisor.
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Linear Systems Theory
Review of matrix algebra, state variable modelling of continuous and discrete time systems, linearization of state equations, solution of state equations of linear time-invariant and timevarying systems, Controllability and observability of dynamical systems, Minimal realization of linear systems and canonical forms, Liapunovs stability theory for linear dynamical systems, State Feedback controllers, Observer and Controller design.
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Digital Communications
Review of random variables and random process, signal space concepts, Common modulated signals and their power spectral densities, Optimum receivers for Gaussian channels, Coherent and non-cohrerent receivers and their performance (evaluating BER performance through software tools), Basics of Information theory, source and channel coding, capacity of channels, band-limited channels and ISI, multicarrier and spread-spectrum signaling, multiple access techniques.
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Major Project Part-I
To be decided by the project supervisor.
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Power System Analysis
Revision of Basic Concepts in pu and modeling, Admittance model of transmission network, Power Flow solutions (GS, NR, DLF, FDLF, DCLF), Symmetrical components and sequence networks, Faults - Symmetrical and unsymmetrical, Z Bus building algorithms, State Estimation, Voltage Stability, Continuation Power Flow, Power System Security (Overload, Voltage), Introduction to WAMS and PMUs, Linear State Estimation.
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